One of the 10 Facebook Tips we found on Twitter.
One of the 10 Facebook Tips we found on Twitter.

Ten best 10 Facebook Tips tweets

Ten Facebook Tips: It started as an informational list on Mashable to help people optimize their Facebook usage, but it's become a top trending topic on Twitter, full of helpful and not-so-helpful -- and some of it quite telling -- advice about Zuckerberg's site.

Most of the tweets, which only seem to offer one tip and not all ten, encourage people to delete their Facebook accounts and switch to Twitter (and more and more seem to be ads for porn sites), but within all of the hullabaloo, we managed to find a few real gems.

Here is the (quite meta) top ten "10 Facebook Tips" rundown. We troll Twitter, so you don't have to.











And there you have it. You can now get back to pretending to work while you secretly surf Facebook, more knowledgeable than you were just a few moments ago.

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