Ten Best Gym Deals That Won't Give Your Budget a Workout

Every year when we choose our picks for Best of Denver, we’re celebrating everything the city has to offer, from the best banh mi sandwich to the best all-day happy hour. If you’ve managed to make your way through even a portion of the Best Food and Drink awards in the Best of Denver 2016, both your wallet and your jeans might be begging for some TLC at this point. So here are our top ten gym deals for those on a budget, culminating with our number-one pick. 

10. Brewery Boot Camp
Various locations

The best workouts all end with an ice-cold beer. Husband-and-wife team Paul and Lindsay Chavez are personal trainers and the owners of Strength Train 4 Life, and on weekends they bring their equipment and expertise to craft breweries around Denver. For only $10, they’ll run you through an intense full-body workout that’s designed for any skill level, and at the end of the hour you’ll get happy-hour specials (if you’re at least 21). Workouts start at 11 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays and the locations rotate, so visit the boot camp's Facebook page for more information. 

9. Dumbbells Too
403 16th Street #200

For those working downtown, Dumbbells Too is worth a visit. Memberships start at $55 a month, which gets you group classes, the strength-training floor and personal training sessions. For couples, there's an even better deal: just $89 a month. Dumbbells Too prides itself not just on its rates but its 45-minute classes, which make it easy to sneak out of the office for a lunch-time workout. 

8. Endorphin
Various Locations

Yoga can be one of the most expensive workouts. While many studios will offer a free week, their monthly packages, especially for unlimited sessions, usually end up between $100 and $150. That's why Endorphin is a breath of fresh air. Their drop-in rates are just $10 at all of their Denver locations, and if you want to kick it up a notch, there are a variety of membership options, including an unlimited monthly membership for $89 — which you might be able to manage if you tighten your budgeting belt.

7. GenFit
3660 Downing Street

GenFit features boot-camp workouts with great drop-in prices. The workouts range from box jumps to the occasional Red Rocks trip, carrying rocks all the way up the stairs. Drop-in rates are $15 during the week, except for Tuesdays, when it offers yoga for $10 for non-members. And you can get GenFit for just $5 on Saturdays. If you decide you like the “physical, mental, team fitness” aspect of the gym, you can choose from a variety of membership options, ranging from $99 to $129 monthly for unlimited morning, midday and evening classes. And if you don’t see a membership option you like, the owners will work with you to create a plan that satisfies your wallet and your workout schedule. Visit for more information. 

6. Kindness Yoga
Various locations

The six Kindness Yoga studios offer welcoming environments for all yogis: the broke ones, the beginners and even those who can easily get into an advanced crow pose. They say they “operate a bit differently,” meaning they allow their students to pay what they can afford for their classes — a deal rarely offered in the fitness world. They encourage all new clients to try their 30-days-for-$30 yoga deal, and while they do offer membership packages, the donation-based drop-in rate stands for all regularly-scheduled classes. 

Keep reading for more of the best budget gym memberships and drop-in rates in Denver. 

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Lauren Archuletta is a contributor for Westword's arts section, covering Denver's health and wellness scene. Follow her work for tips on cheap workouts and which yoga classes include mimosas and beer.