The 2013 Whiteout Fashion Show: What did the audience wear?

It finally happened last night: Thanks to a number of great sponsors and designers, Westword welcomed the 2013 Whiteout fashion show at the McNichols Building last night. While we all focused on the live runway show, with models dressed by eight local designers, there was no shortage of fun fashion from attendees on the other side of that runway. Continue reading to see what the crowd wore to the event -- and to read the attendees' reaction to the fashion.

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Thomas Hendrick, the digital content manager for Fox 31, wore a black velvet blazer and a maroon button-up, accessorized with red roses. "I loved the show tonight," Hendrick says. "There were like ten or twelve designs that I'm in love with. This is my first fashion show, and I always watch them on YouTube, but I decided it was time to come to a real one. Denver gets a bad rap for being a mountain city, but we really are fashion-forward."

Adam Diskin, promotions coordinator for Entercom Denver, opted for a white button-up and grey slacks due to the Whiteout theme of the night. "My shirt has a subtle pink pattern, though," he explains. "There was a lot of diversity tonight, and it was an eclectic mix, a style you would never expect to see from the Denver community. People adore this style tonight, though," he adds. "I'm from the midwest -- Kansas City -- and I would never expect to see this sort of fashion."

Quinn Washington and Chanelle Harris both have marketing jobs and thought the event was well-organized and fun.

Chanelle Harris says her white blouse was inspired by the Whiteout theme. "Westword, Wilhelmina Denver, and the designers all did a fantastic job," she adds.

Quinn Washington, who works with Chloe, accessorized with his favorite piece, the Burberry scarf he says he never leaves the house without. "The models looked amazing, but they lost me at wedding dresses, since I'm a dude," he says. Of his suit, he says, "I'm not a farmer, and it's after five, so I'll wear a suit. Since I have a bow tie on, people keep thinking I'm wearing a tux, but I'm not, " Washington says. "I loved the production. I love the building and space, too."

Paola Mendez wore a floral-printed two-piece outfit and says, "I'm not scared to wear loud prints. I love a challenge." On the event, Mendez says, "It was a cool idea to mix the Art of Winter and fashion. Hopefully Denver gets more fashion shows and some more events like this to support the local designers."

Elsa Lerma's favorite color is green, and she opted for black leather pants because of the weather. Mara Madrid dressed warm for winter with black leather boots and a jacket, paired with jeans and a scarf. "I thought the show was awesome becasue it was local designers," Madrid says. "It puts Denver on the map."

Dymond Ruybal is a student at the University of Colorado at Boulder studying science, and she's always looking at fashion online during her down time. "When you think of fashion, you think of New York and Paris and California," she says. "This event shows that Denver has style, too. Our fashion is growing here." Ruybal decided on her outfit, which featured yellow pants, with the help of inspiration from online images and fashion blogs. "I'm always looking at photos of celebrities and current fashion trends," says Ruybal.

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