The CLFX hat from 303 Boards: An ode to the place where we live

In the local skateboarding world, CLFX is code for one of the home teams at 303 Boards. But on the existential plane, CLFX is the place where we live, eat, shop. drink and party -- a damn good reason to want to snap up one of these brand new CLFX snap-back hats available in five color combos, right around your own brain cage. You know the saying: "Home is where you hang your hat, homes."

Sean Gilbert of 303 created the CLFX logo, which he thinks people like because it evokes that element of "hometown, Colfax pride," about four years ago, and it's shown up on T-shirts and boards ever since. But the hats are a new enterprise. "They're limited to thirty hats per color, and we usually put new ones out every other month," he adds, so if you like one from this batch, better snatch it while you can.

Visit 303 Boards online or in person to pick one up; they're thirty bucks and sweet as can be.

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