The Gloved One

Donning elbow-length gloves and an evening gown, Natasha Leggero delivers biting commentary on everything from reality television to women who think InTouch Weekly is a book. Her verdict on almost all pop culture? Terrible. Whether she’s delivering witty observations about what TLC should stand for (toddlers, lunatics and cake) or relaying her response to male comics who ask if she thinks she’s too attractive to be a comedian (“Don’t you think you’re a little ugly to be talking to me?”), Leggero critiques lowest-common-denominator culture as a glamorous outsider looking in; her Comedy Works-taped 2011 album Coke Money is a contrast to the shtick of self-deprecating, unshaven male comics. Beyond her sarcastic, successful stand-up, Leggero co-hosted The Lavender Hour podcast, is regularly featured on Chelsea Lately, judged NBC’s Last Comic Standing, and has acted in shows like Reno 911!, Free Agents and, most recently, the Ben Stiller-produced web series Burning Love. She’s bringing her Servantless Household Tour to the Comedy Works, 1226 15th Street, with six shows running from tonight through Saturday. For tickets, $17 to $25, call 303-595-3637 or visit
July 12-14, 2012
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Robin Edwards
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