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The Ten Best New Murals in Denver, From the MCA to Project Colfax

Westword's Best of Denver celebrates everything to love in the Mile High City, from old venues to new, hair to food, and art both private and public. There's so much going on in Denver's art scene, we had trouble narrowing down the new public-art contenders — created between the 2015 Best of Denver and this year's 2016 edition, which came out March 31 — to a single winner. So now we're sharing the ten best murals of the past year, before new projects start springing up all over town.
10. Jaime Molina and Pedro Barrios inside the MCA
1485 Delgany Street
This piece on the interior of the Museum of Contemporary Art was painted by Jaime Molina and Pedro Barrios over the course of several weeks in February, debuting officially on March 4, 2016. Students were able to help the creative duo bring the wild and colorful indoor piece to life, while the influence of both Molina and Barrios showed the kids that being a professional artist is possible. These are the men who prove it. 
9. Jeremy Burns
2732 Larimer Street
We're feeling the burn — the Jeremy Burns, that is. He's the talented artist who created the playful "Larimer Boy and Girl," which dominated the social-media realm covering Denver street art in 2015. This is one smart piece: The boy and girl move and distort as you go by — an optical illusion, because they were painted on the protruding fins of the building.  
8. Sense
Cherry Creek Bike Path
Sense hails from Japan, and Denver is now lucky  to have his work grace the walls of the Cherry Creek Bike Path, thanks to the Urban Arts Fund and Jonathan Lamb and Like Minded Productions, which curated the space. With their work, Sense and fellow Japanese artist Mon also made our list of the most amazing new Summer murals in 2015. Domo arigato. 
7. Wazee Union
3501 Wazee Street
All good things must come to an end. With the help of Wazee Union studio artists, the exterior wall of the space was fully painted in 2015, before the building closed.  The majority of the exterior was done by Tom Scharfenberg, Chris Haven, Phero and Nice Beats; other artists who contributed to the space include Girlie, Esme, Efit, Zombie138, Jester, Vestige, Reks, Yen 34, Gripe, Herbert Bayer via Wazee Union studio artist Koko Bayer, and more. While a new affordable work space for artists is in the works at GRACe, we will miss the urban art decking out Wazee Union.The building is set to come down throughout May, as it's tented and taken out piece by piece for environmental reasons. 
6. Primerdome
City, O' City
206 East 13th Avenue
The collective known as Primerdome has created some of the coolest wheat pastes in Denver; these artists were behind this stunning Lemmy Kilmister and David Bowie hybrid at City, O' City. Well played, Primerdome. Mystery solved. 

Continue reading for  five more of the best new murals in Denver.

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