Twelve Amazing New Street-Art Murals in Denver — Fall 2015

Street art beautifies Denver in a significant way, taking some of our city's ugliest spaces — including problem graffiti walls — and transforming them into public art galleries that are respected and revered by the community. Although the street-art season will come to an end with the colder weather, the scene is still hot: Over 100 new murals have been painted in the second half of 2015, and that number is still rising.

Here are twelve of our favorite new street-art murals in Denver and Boulder. 12. Lauren Napolitano and Mark Pricks
3126 Larimer Street
Bar Fausto commissioned this beautiful and detailed serpent on the north-facing wall of its building in River North; it's a fitting piece along this stretch of street that's among the most colorful in the city. Both Napolitano and Pricks got their career start in the Bay Area of  Northern California, and today they travel the world doing everything from mixed-media shows to murals of epic proportions. As described by Napolitano, this piece is "a serpent to represent wisdom, earth energy and healing."
11. Tom Bond and Anthony Garcia
 4903 Washington Street
Where Wood Meets Steel is decked out with a brand-new mural created by artist Tom Bond and Westword MasterMind Anthony Garcia, with the help of a handful of aspiring young artists and students from around the city. The colorful tiles along three panels are now almost completely filled with detailed characters, symbols and objects ranging from logs to diamonds to geometric patterns. Garcia, who is still elated that his organization not only became an official non-profit but earned him a MasterMind award, gives a special thanks to Marina Chotzinoff of RiNo Arts District for curating the space. 

10. Wazee Union
3501 Wazee Street
The exterior of the Wazee Union artists' incubator was recently painted by a huge roster of talent: Thomas Scharfenberg, Zombie 138, Efit, Jester, Vestige, Esme, Phero, Zpl, Reks63, Yen34, Nspire, Nice, Grype and Warcs93. The giant collaborative piece is breathtaking, an impressive nod to community and collaboration between Denver's most prestigious graffiti artists. See more detailed photos on Sharfenberg's Instagram.
9. Gemma Bayly
Cherry Creek Bike Path, Market and Speer

For a piece funded by Denver Arts + Venues as part of the Urban Arts Fund that sponsors murals around the city, Bayly tackled her largest work to date: "City of the Sun." Amazingly, she hand-paints every single line in her mandalas; for a piece this size, that translates to a staggering amount of woman hours. "Every single line represents a prayer of peace, prosperity and unity for the people of Denver," Bayly explains. See her indoor mural on our list of the best street art painted this summer

8. Joseph Martinez 
Cherry Creek Bike Path, Champa and Speer

For another UAF project, Joseph Martinez painted his first-ever solo mural along the Cherry Creek bike path. The stunning, surreal hummingbirds are a huge representation of Martinez's perfectionist illustrative style, usually seen in his matchbook paintings that pack an unbelievable amount of detail onto a tiny canvas. Follow Martinez on Instagram to keep up with his work.

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Lindsey Bartlett is a writer, photographer, artist, Denver native and weed-snob. Her work has been published in Vanity Fair, High Times and Leafly, to name a few.
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