The winner: Lady Shiva is my favorite Batman villain

Although The Dark Knight Rises will be released officially just after midnight tonight, at Premiere to Remember, people will be able to see the movie four and a half hours earlier -- and also party with fellow fans.

And in a contest announced earlier this week, we promised to give a pair ofVIP upgrades to the event to one ticket-holder who shared with us details of a real VIP -- Villain Important Person.

Says Kitsunesp:

My favorite villain would have to be Lady Shiva. Reason is due to the simple fact that she trained batman. She has no powers while still being the deadliest martial artist in all of the DC universe. Her attitude is killer too :) Both Batman and Lady Shiva would put on a great fight, I can't wait for them to actually do this as a movie! ( maybe as a batman trilogy/origins?)

We don't know when that movie will be made, Kitsunesp, but you're the winner of our contest. E-mail us at editorial@westword.com, and we'll get you the details on how to become a VIP at tonight's event.

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