Tonight: Improv with But, Wait! There's More! at Bovine Metropolis

What's the funniest damn thing you've ever seen on television? The commercials. Specifically, the ones that aren't trying to be funny, but try instead to sell you a load of crap in three easy payments -- the Ginsu knives, slicing-dicing machines and spotless cleaning solutions of the late-night surf. The professional turf pioneered by Ron Popeil and Billy Mays, infomercial smooth-talk and hyperventilation are the very stuff of the unintentional funny.

And that's what's so hilarious about But, Wait! There's More!, a weekly improv showdown featuring a rotation of five different house teams competing at Bovine Metropolis Theater. Just try to walk out of the place afterward without coveting some piece of trash you'll never use.

Like this classic:

Tonight's hard-sell hysterics start at 7:30 p.m. and cost just $8; But, Wait! There's More! continues every Thursday through at least June 28. Visit Bovine online or call 303-758-4722 for information about this and other ongoing comedy shows.

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