Top 5 reasons a baby dinosaur, like those found in Morrison, would run on its hind legs

Scientists in Morrison recently announced the discovery of teeny-tiny brontosaurus footprints. The most amazing thing about them? They appear to show that the baby brontos were running on their hind legs.

From Matt Mossbrucker, footprint discoverer and Morrison Natural History Museum director: "In the end, we might have a baby sauropod that is running like a Basilisk lizard, a modern lizard that is mostly a quadroped, but when spooked it runs on its hindlegs."

That, my friends, is science.

But what would the dinosaur have been running from?

Here, we offer five possibilities.

5. Flintstones who want to make them into cranes. 4. Idiots who want to make them into mini golf attractions. 3. Jeff Goldblum circa Jurassic Park. 2. Dumbasses who want to cast them as dopey children's TV show hosts. 1. Asshats who want to cast them as wise-crackin' prime-time TV stars.

Just in case you weren't convinced ... Run, tiny dino. Ruuuuuuuuuuuun!

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