Top five flicks at the 2012 Boulder International Film Festival

The Boulder International Film Festival kicks off Thursday night with Darling Companion at the Boulder Theater, and continues through Sunday with fifty diverse films as well as celebrity appearances, workshops, and ways to get involved in social causes.

Below, festival director Kathy Beeck shares her top five films for BIFF 2012.

Jeff, Who Lives at Home

Friday, 5 p.m.,

Boulder Theater

Kathy Beeck: This is a film with Susan Sarandon, Ed Helms, Judy Grier, and Jason Segel by the Duplass brothers. We had a film by Jay and Mark Duplass in one of our first years at BIFF, it was called Puffy Chair, and we just loved it, and those guys have really done well and now they're directing Jeff, Who Lives at Home, which is one of the reasons why we wanted to screen it here.

Adventures in Plymptoons!

Friday, 9:30 p.m.,

Boulder Theater

This is a film about Bill Plympton, who's just a fabulous animator. He's Oscar-nominated and those people who've gone to a lot of film festivals have seen a lot of Plympton films. He is just a wonderful person who's got an interesting personality and it really comes through in his films. We are really excited to featuring him this year and this movie, which is about him. The filmmaker's coming and he's coming for the film screening and if you ever wanted to know a lot about Bill Plympton this is the film to see. He's also teaching our Master Animation workshop this year, and we're really excited about that as well. Everybody who goes to that is going to get a little drawing by Bill Plympton. It's just so exciting to have him as part of the festival this year.

Township to the Stage

Friday, 9:45 p.m.,

First United Methodist Church

It's about a comedian named Trevor Noah who grew up in South Africa and he is biracial, his father was white and his mother was black. When he grew up apartheid had been eliminated, but it's still tough for comedians, especially biracial comedians, to break in to the comic world there in South Africa. There's still a lot of things going on in terms of race there so he had a lot of hurdles to get over and it's an interesting film if you like comedy--who doesn't like comedy? It's a wonderful film directed by David Paul Meyer, and he's gonna be there in person as well.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Saturday, 7:30 p.m.,

Boulder Theater

This is with Emily Blunt and Ewan McGregor and this is a really funny story, but also serious. It's about the introduction of salmon fishing in the Yemen and it's just a fun movie. Emily Blunt is fantastic in it; Ewan McGregor is pretty hot as well so everybody is asking about this one just because they love Ewan McGregor. It's just about them introducing this kind of absurd project that's almost insurmountable and how they go about getting salmon fishing in the Yemen river.

No Room for Rockstars

Saturday, 10 p.m.,

Boulder Theater

This is just an interesting film about this group of kids in a band who go on the Warped Tour, which many people do. The Warped Tour has I think over 600,000 fans and people travel with the tour all summer long. It's a lot about the tour, and it's also about this band that's trying to break through and get to play on the Warped Tour. I just love it; it's by Stacy Peralta who did Dog Town and Z Boys, which we just love. We're really excited to be screening that at the Boulder Theater; that'll be a great venue to see that film because the Boulder Theater is of course a concert venue so the sound is gonna be fantastic.

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