Twelve Awesome Murals Painted on Cold Crush Over the Years

Since opening in May 2013, Cold Crush has been place where artists could express themselves without restraint. Art was an integral part of the bar at 2700 Larimer Street, from the performers inside to the exterior of the building, including the south-facing facade that became a street-art canvas known as the Phoenix Wall, which was regularly repainted.

But will this phoenix rise again? Cold Crush co-owner Brian Mathenge says yes, and plans to fight the "public nuisance" posting that closed the bar on October 12. 

In the meantime, here are twelve awesome examples of the outdoor art work that has graced Cold Crush's walls over the past three years. 
1. Patrick Kane McGregor's "Lion," July 2015. 2. Scot Lefavor, June 2013.
3. Joshua Mays, Colorado Crush, September 2016  4. Jher, September 2014
5. Faatma Norouzizadeh and Alicia Cardenas, April 2016
6. Scot Lefavor's "Good Cop Versus Bad Cop," June 2016

Keep reading for six more awesome works of art at Cold Crush.
7. Michael Ortiz and Jonathan Lamb, aka Like Minded Art, "One Love," July 2015

8.  Taste Burns, Colorado Crush, September 2016 9. Scot Lefavor, Colorado Crush, September 2016
10. Don't Fret Art, July 2014
11. Delton Demarest and Patrick McGregor, July 2014
12. Gamma, April 2015

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.