Twitter Tuesday: The Denver Police Department tells all

It's true. Sometimes the Internet is used to relay important information (it's called "news" in some circles) to the general public, and believe it or not, Twitter can be used as a tool to share it. Yes, not only can we stay informed on celeb culture via Nicole Richie's latest LA musings, we can also see what Al Jazeera is covering via its English version. So in an effort to bring the important stuff to the table, we're highlighting the Denver Police Department's Twitter feed -- a sometimes sad, always informative stream of news that keeps us up-to-date on vehicle/pedestrian accidents, aggravated robberies and the occasional DUI suspect foot pursuit that might be going down in our own neighborhood.
The DPD Twitter feed is like listening to a police scanner, only better. With names and addresses spelled out in each tweet, amateur detectives can do research on their own accord (or totally freak themselves out when they discover a murder on their own block) and work on solving crimes themselves. And, just like in those fancy crime shows, one can have instant access to database of everyone on the planet, through a little thing called Facebook. This tweet is just creepy. But maybe there is some safety in the knowledge that Denver is still a relatively small town that experiences quiet nights, at least according to our Police Department's twitter feed. But really, were there no crimes, assaults, hit-and-runs, robberies, etc. to report? Come on, DPD. Utilizing the power of promotion, The DPD has even started its own web show, releasing "Gearing Up," its second episode, this spring. Though short and relatively uneventful, the video gives us a look at what goes into fighting the criminals -- which looks to be a lot of of slow motion dressing scenes featuring SWAT Team members.

Our Twitter feed occasionally features SWAT team members dressing in slow-motion, except they are undressing and they are also strippers. Actually, we don't have any of that, but we do have a lot of other cool stuff! Follow @Westwordculture today!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.