Under the Gunn: Hit the stage challenge

On this week's episode of Under the Gunn, the designers faced the fun challenge of creating a performance outfit for seventeen-year-old Zendaya, author, actress and star of the Disney Channel's Shake it Up.Zendaya gave very specific directions for the outfit: It had to be something she could move in, with a tomboyish flare. For this challenge, $5,000 was on the line for the designers -- and Denver viewers anxiously waited to see if Team Mondo could bring in another win.

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In the meantime, we watched Isabelle continue to struggle with creative and time management problems; she found a supporter in Asha, and even a way to communicate with her mentor, Nick. Yet, here we go again: Even with a ten-minute warning from Tim, Isabelle had to be chased out of the sewing room because her design wasn't finished on time.

And the judging was harsh for some of the designers, with judges calling Oscar's red sequined, fringed shorts a design for "Zendaya on Ice." Denver designer Stephanie Ohnmacht had struggled with the execution of fitted pants created from waxed denim, and that was noticeable on the runway.

But it was Isabelle who took the real heat. She got defensive when she was told that her jumpsuit design looked "homemade" and that if one string were pulled, the entire thing would fall apart. Her poorly executed, unfinished design was enough to send her home.

Asha won the challenge with her leather crop top and leather faux plaid boyfriend shirt-skirt, which meant another win for Team Mondo!

Under the Gunn airs locally at 7 p.m. every Thursday on Lifetime; Mondo is hosting an Under the Gunn viewing party every week at Beauty Bar.

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Tracie Keesee