Under the Gunn recap: Red carpet looks and vampire inspiration

Late tuning into Under the Gunn, the new show featuring Project Runway's Tim Gunn, with an assist from Denver's own Mondo Guerra? Here's a quick recap of what you've missed.

During the first challenge this season, Red Carpet Showdown, mentor Nick Verreos had a problem staying out of the weeds while assisting his team with drawing and draping; Tim had to sep in with advice about being too hands-on. Sam, a member of Mondo's team, won the challenge with his very glassy starlet jumpsuit. And Camilla was sent home because her design just didn't translate to meet red carpet standards.

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Anya's team had two designers finish in the top three; she, along with Nick, has held onto all her team members.

Last night's unconventional challenge was inspired by the esthetic of the vampire world, and with each challenge a few designers rose to the occasion -- but others did not. Michelle won the unconventional challenge with her "creature of the night" dress, which meant another win for team Mondo!

Meanwhile, Michelle offered an unsolicited critique of Asha's work that didn't go over well with Asha; and Isabelle and Tim had another runway run-in.

The judges put the decision of which of her two designers finishing in the bottom of the challenge to dump in Anya's hands; she chose Brady.

Under the Gunn airs locally at 7 p.m. every Thursday on Lifetime; Mondo is hosting an Under the Gunn viewing party every week at Beauty Bar.

Team Standings

Team Mondo: Michelle**, Camila, Sam* and Asha. Team Anya: Shan, Blake, Brady and Nicholas. Team Nick: Oscar, Natalia and Stephanie.

Winner of Red Carpet Challenge* Winner of Unconventional Vampire**

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