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Veda Salon and Spa Introduces the Mandala Club, an Urban Oasis

Veda Salon and Spa, a small, Colorado-based chain, has had a location in the Hotel Monaco for almost two decades -- but the downtown Denver spa just launched a new VIP program, The Mandala Club, which offers amenities that are guaranteed to calm your chaotic urban life. We recently visited Veda and chatted with CEO Carrie Perkins about the spa's services and the new club.

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The Mandala Club at Veda Salon and Spa, located inside the Hotel Monaco, is a complimentary, invitation-only club that offers members special spa privileges and benefits. "I am so very pleased to offer this to our Denver community," says Carrie Perkins. "We created the Mandala Club to foster close relationships with our friends who work and live with us in the heart of Denver. We want to share our mantra of community, wellness and prosperity. Mandala means circle, so we want to bring everyone in."

The Mandala Club offers its members exclusive benefits, including a makeup application or paraffin treatment with each visit; a Birthday "Pure Rejuvenation Day" valued at $100; Mandala Mondays, where you receive 50 percent off signature treatments created for club members; 20 percent off your first visit; retail discounts for members-only; seasonal swag bags with goodies selected specifically for the guest; invitations to private Mandala Club social events, and even a private concierge to help design and plan parties at Veda.

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"We get to know you and you build a community here," Perkins says. "Veda is a place where you can just let go and be yourself. This is your own space. It's different than going to a new place every time. We can be like Cheers, -- you came here and everyone knows your name. Mandala is about us together. If you are well, then I am well. That's the beautiful part." The club offers many services, and Perkins has her favorites: "I love our facials because it even includes an arm massage, and our signature chakra massage is the best. In the hair department, I love our deep hydrating conditioning treatments because my hair can dry out in this Colorado weather sometimes." Veda offers hairstyling, manicures, pedicures, make-up applications, massages and facials. Veda carries every Aveda product, covering hair care, skin care and makeup. But Veda is also a lifestyle store, and one of its more exotic spa treatments is the Total Body Elixir, which features a Vichy shower and Scots hose massage. The Vichy shower has seven shower heads that focus on all seven of the chakras in the human body, so you leave feeling more balanced, Perkins says. Keep reading for more on Veda Salon and Spa. "We forget to be in the moment," Perkins says. "We are only present for ten minutes a day. We go through life but we don't even feel our feet on the ground. During our services, there is a lot of healing, spiritually and physically. Thisa place where you can go and let go of all of your stress."

From the moment you walk into Veda, you can tell this place values its guests.The atmosphere behind the front of house is dim and quiet. Green tea and water are offered to you as you slip into a robe and slippers before your treatment; you can even calm down in the dry sauna before your services. It is not unusual for guests to drift away from reality into a deep sleep while mediating and focusing on healing their body and mind, Perkins says.

"Your wellness is important to us," Perkins says. "Having somewhere to go where you can relax and just let go is important in this day and age of too much. Some ways to improve overall wellness are diaphragmatic breathing, drinking lots of water, massage and touch. Besides your doctor, we should be the only people touching you unless you ask them to. Touch releases endorphins. Breathing, eating right and sleeping are very important. We are the enhancement to a healthy life. Everyone is either moving towards health or away from it. We would like to help people move towards health."

Catch a video of the pampering that Veda does here; find out more on the Veda Salon and Spa website.

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