Well Red

You may have seen the banners on lampposts around town. Or maybe you’re on one of the forty-odd teams competing — perhaps the eloquently monikered Off Like a Prom Dress or The Power of Cheese. Whoever you are, odds are you know that the Red Bull Soapbox Race is finally making its way to Denver after debuting in Belgium eight years ago.

Unlike in other races, you don’t win the Red Bull by simply being the first to cross the finish line; teams are also judged on creativity and showmanship (winners in other cities this year included a giant taco and a baby buggy). Also beyond the norm, the cars are human-powered (though braking systems are required). Just as in other races, however, an unspoken thrill among spectators is the prospect of The Crash. But only one car is on the track at a time, no electrical or gas components are involved and silly costumes are de rigueur, so any team taking a spill will probably just end up laughing it off.

To witness this free spectacle, head over to Red Rocks Park at 10 a.m., when pits open for the public to size up the cars and decide which one they’re going to root for. Opening ceremonies, which include a skydive into Red Rocks by the Red Bull Air Force team, are at noon, with the first race at 12:30 p.m. For details, call 1-877-673-9444 or visit www.redbullsoapboxusa.com.
Sat., Oct. 25, noon, 2008

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Janet Choi

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