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What's in your bag? Anne Rice novels and Madonna patches

Fall is almost upon us, which means it's Tori Amos season! As the weather turned, we stumbled upon Eric Garcia, a guy who may have a professional day job, but still has fun with his wardrobe.

Continue reading to discover his fashion philosophy, where he shops, and what he keeps in his backpack.

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Name: Eric "Ewok" Garcia.

Spotted at: 23rd and Champa streets Profession: Full-time legal assistant; part-time musician.

Favorite film: All About Eve --1950s, Bette Davis, I love it. Summer anthem: "Nine Lives" by the Midnight Juggernauts. Style inspirations/icons: Punk-rock bands from the late '70s to '80s. I love all things in the rockabilly genre and fashion designed by Alexander McQueen as well.

Favorite colors: Black and red equally. I like to be dark and brooding.

Favorite accessory: My studded black leather bracelet. I wear it with everything, even to the gym and to sleep by accident.

Style mantra: If you can work it, you can wear it. If it makes me feel comfortable and smile, then I'll go for it.

Shops at: Fashion Nation, thrift stores, Las Vegas and Chicago, Hot Topic and vintage shops.

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Garcia altered this denim vest himself, placing all of the patches, pins and chains to his liking -- plenty of Madonna patches, some Alice in Wonderland buttons and countless others. Garcia's side project is a gig as lead vocalist for an upcoming band called Death Day Cabaret. Check out what's in Eric Garcia's bag on page 2! Garcia commutes with this gray Jansport messenger bag. There is a Jack Skelington keychain attached to the bag, featuring a character Garcia loves from The Nightmare Before Christmas. But what is beneath the surface? Garcia carries a novel, The Watching Hour by Anne Rice, and a Playstation portable, where he plays Kingdom Hearts. This is a fun combination of Disney animation and vampires. Garcia also travels with his Madonna iPhone case, a RayBan case for sunglasses, Orbit spearmint gum, Blistex chapstick, keys with a keychain featuring Storm from X-men, and a even a Tori Amos bookmark!

"In the fall, I like to listen to Tori Amos often," says Garcia, who is already getting ready for autumn.

Style analysis: Eric Garcia displays how fashion can be an extension of pop culture, as he cites many cultural references. "My style is constantly changing," he says. "I can wear a bowler hat with a polo one day and then a neon-colored tank with a pink Versace jacket the next. I just try to have fun and mix it up." And not only does Garcia have fun expressing himself with buttons and pins, but the people who see him enjoy the view, too.

Continue to collect as many inspirations as possible, Denver.

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