Women of the World Poetry Slam enters second preliminary rounds

Last night, the Denver poetry scene was reintroduced to the national stage with the first preliminary rounds of the Women of the World Poetry Slam. With two bouts each at Mercury Cafe, Eden and Leela European Cafe, the night ended with the first scores for 72 international competitors. Hundreds of audience members split their time across venues for performances that included tears from both performers and onlookers. Before the final six bouts tonight, all of the scores from last night's introductory rounds are available online.

But don't forget: The 12 poets who will compete in Saturday's finals at the Denver Art Museum will not be selected until tonight.

In the meantime, follow Women of the World's 2012 Twitter for frequent updates on the poets and their scores -- and funny but pointed hashtags as commentary. (See #suburbia, #fuckcops and #donttakenoshit, among others.) Many of this year's performers also provided personal profiles, available in the information section of the event's website along with a detailed calendar of events. The next two days guarantee a full slate, including a males-only open mic, a haiku deathmatch and an erotica open mic, all on today's roster.

Three of this year's competitors originally hail from Denver: Lindsay Miller, who won the final spot in competition through Wednesday's "Last Chance Slam," currently holds a score of 52.6 after the first two bouts, while Chicago transplant Kay Krown hovers near the top with a 58.1 and Portland's Amy Everhart maintains a 53.9.

For more information, stay tuned to Show and Tell as the weekend continues.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.