Womenswear Wednesdays: Journalist Sharron Xu on her simple style

It's always fun to run into other writers and photographers while scouting for street style. And when they are fashionable, it is even more exciting. This was the case with travel journalist Sharron Xu, who we spotted in pink along South Broadway. Continue reading to learn where she shops, what her style mantra is, and who inspires her fashion.

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Name: Sharron Xu

Spotted at: 12th Avenue and Broadway

Profession: I majored in chemical engineering. I write for a Chinese travel web site and I travel around the U.S.

Favorite film: Sleepless in Seattle

2013 jam: I like old music. Neil Young's music is great.

Style inspirations/icons: I like how people in China dress. They wear local costumes, and everyone is so different from each other. You can tell where the people come from based just on their fashion.

Favorite accessory: Rings

Favorite color: Blue

Style mantra: I like something simple, something easy to recognize.

Shops at: I shop at H&M, TJ Maxx and Macy's. I like to shop at department stores in the U.S.

This koala bear is a key chain that Xu picked up during her travels. "One thing that I don't wear is makeup because that is a part of my simple style," Xu adds.

This Nikon camera is a tool that Xu uses for her job, writing and taking photos for a Chinese travel blog, qyer.com.

Style analysis: While Xu doesn't go over the top with her fashion choices, she stands out with classic pieces in striking colors. Her pink pea-coat and scarf combination reminds us of Nina Sayers in Black Swan and the blue denim and chunky black boots are the perfect template to allow the pink to pop. Her knowledge of Chinese style and American fashion are both at work here as she carries around her koala bear and Nikon camera for the ride.

When in doubt, be simple with your fashion statement, Denver.

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