Womenswear Wednesdays: Pandora manager Corissa Violette on her sweet style

Sometimes people who work in the retail industry dress very elaborately; others stick to the basics, because they've became disenchanted with fashion. So we were lucky to spot Corissa Violette, manager of Pandora on the Hill, who displays a charming individuality. Read on to learn all about her style icons, her style mantra and where she shops.

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Name: Corissa Violette.

Spotted at: 13th and Grant streets.

Profession: Retail store manager at Pandora on the Hill.

Favorite film: All of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. I love horror movies.

2013 jam: Regina Spektor's "You've Got Time" from the TV show Orange Is the New Black

Style inspirations/icons: I love Marilyn Monroe and I try to dress my own style.

Favorite color: Pink.

Favorite accessory: Earrings. I have too many to count.

Style mantra: I try to visualize my clothes and visualize my wardrobe ahead of time.

Shops at: Everywhere. I try to stay away from the mall and shop more at consignment stores instead.

A New York native, Violette has a Matryoshka doll tattoo to represent her youth. The detailed stitching on her dress features a rose that matches the rose on the "babushka" on her arm. These white braided leather sandals match her white polka-dotted dress. "I feel like I can dress more freely here in Denver and wear color, instead of all black like on the East Coast," says Violette. Style analysis: Violette displays how to dress both minimal and edgy with her simple combo of a polka-dot baby doll dress and light sandals. The details of the dress's stitching, her tattoo and the color pink all show that she puts not just personality into her look, but thoughtful time and consideration. Violette also takes advantage of the summer weather with color.

Don't be afraid to dress with personality and color, Denver.

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