Womenswear Wednesdays: Visual merchandiser Heather Williams on her bohemian style

How often do you see a person with vivid orange hair walking down the street? When we spotted one, we knew we had to interview her. Meet Heather Williams, a Texan who is new to Denver. Keep reading to learn her style icons, favorite accessory and where she shops in her new hometown.

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Name: Heather Williams.

Spotted at: 17th and Lawrence streets.

Profession: Visual merchandiser at H&M.

Favorite film: Almost Famous. I like the time, the era, the style, the story and the music in that film.

2013 jam: Right now I love Charlie XCX's song "Nuclear Seasons."

Style inspirations/icons: I love San Francisco; it's one of my favorite cities, style-wise. I'm from Texas, so I love Austin style, too. Some people are Chloe Sevigny, Charlie XCX, Marina from Marina and the Diamonds, and the model Chloe Norgaard.

Favorite color: Red.

Favorite accessory: My daisy rosary necklace thingy.

Style mantra: It depends on what I am doing that day, but I try to stay true to my style. I wear a lot of hippie, bohemian things, '90s stuff, and I think about my inspirational people while I'm getting dressed, too. I try to plan ahead and pick out my clothes the night before as well.

Shops at: Mostly thrift stores -- Unique Thrift store, Buffalo Exchange. Goldmine Vintage in Boulder is good. Free People and Anthropology are nice.

Here Williams sports a sharp manicure, a mixture of bracelets and ten rings. "People can put their own unique spin on things here and it's not really looked down at," she says of Denver's style. Williams purchased her favorite accessory at a thrift store back in Texas. "I'd like to see people get dressed everyday. I'd like to see the thought process in their choices, and a little more effort in their clothes," Williams says of street style -- fashion with everyday use. Here she uses a pair of brown boots that match her shirt.

Style analysis: As a newcomer to Denver, Williams is bringing her own flair to the local street-style scene. Her brown boots and bleach-tone shirt work complement her neon orange hair. The daisy necklace represents home, and is a key item for Williams. Her circular shades are very Penny Lane from Almost Famous , her favorite film. Williams remains inspired by her personal vision.

Always have your own vision and fashion thought process, Denver.

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