Damien Patterson, a Wonderbound dancer who will teach for Mixology.
Damien Patterson, a Wonderbound dancer who will teach for Mixology.
Amanda Tipton

Wounderbound's Mixology Classes Mix Up Pros With Would-Be Dancers

Wonderbound is about to launch a new season of Mixology, a summer series of dance classes led by members of the dance company. If you want to dance but don't have much — if any — formal experience, Mixology will offer you a chance to learn from professionals in a setting that balances dancing with socializing. “It’s open to everyone, all experience levels. Anyone can come; you just have to be able to laugh at yourself,” says Amber Blais, communications manager at Wonderbound.

The classes are perfect for summer, she adds, a “good way to get in shape and hang out." 

While Mixology classes will have a relaxed atmosphere, participants will still enjoy unique opportunities to engage with the professional world of dance in Wonderbound's own studio, Blais says. Last year students learned choreography that the company itself had mastered for stage productions, she notes.

Damien Patterson and Sarah Tallman, who both dance full-time with Wonderbound, will lead classes this summer.  Each has their own particular style, with Patterson tending towards hip-hop while Tallman is “more sort of free-flowing,” Blais says, adding that “sometimes Sarah even has people in the group learn their own choreography.”

There's a Mixology class at 6:30 p.m. every Tuesday through the end of June, starting June 2; each stand-alone class costs between $16 and $20. Visit wonderbound.com to sign up.

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