Zenlightenment round II drew communal ties

In a collaborative effort that came together at the last moment, INTI and Peace Officer mingled their talents with Sugarpill, Stephan Jacobs and ChrisB. to create the second installment of Zenlightenment fundraisers for Michelle "Smallfry" Lessans' artistic vision for the 2011 Burning Man gathering. With three rooms of music and over 250 people attending, the night was indisputably a hit for the burner community. As promised, there was dubstep, merchant vendors, a giving tree, live painters and hoop performers. Unfortunately, the evening lacked belly dancers or the outdoor drum circle -- although the outside patio still availed dancing under the city's lights -- but there were surprises in store: henna tattoos done by a local artist, as well as an impromptu photography studio set up between the second and third room for all attendees to get some fun photos taken by professional photographer Victor Webb. Better yet, there was the BBQ service. . As evidence that the night was all about community, Smallfry's parents, Barb and Kris, along with her brother Gary, showed their support. They also noted that her grandfather, Monroe Lessans, was a successful vaudevillian artist and sculptor -- gauging Smallfry's success in her artistic fundraisers, it's certainly no surprise that art runs in her blood. And while Gary admitted of Burning Man that he wasn't so sure about 40,000 people gathering in a desert -- he'd "rather go to the mountains" -- they still were staunch in their support of Smallfry's Burning Man vision; they laughed and joined in on the photos, as well as dancing to the music beside everyone else. Most, in fact, were in agreement that they had come together in support of Smallfry, and that it was amazing that she had organized such a hit night. One of the sexy singers of INTI remarked that the whole night represented unity, and that "It came together by people doing favors for each other." Smallfry estimates that they raised around $1,000 this time around and expected that there will definitely be more events to come, so keep your eyes open to the Zenlightenment project's future. Follow us on Twitter!

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