• @tayheu
    20 November, 2019

    @nicolebyer and @thesheertruth talking about Artichoke Pizza on their podcast has me so hungry 😩 tbt to west 4th street

  • @tayheu
    18 November, 2019

    Eating too many Cheetos https://t.co/LqqRenMpUM

  • @tayheu
    17 November, 2019

    Up your butthole https://t.co/6ycFsUZx7b

  • @tayheu
    16 November, 2019

    @directedbymoon Wow this is deep and has me ~wrecked~

  • @tayheu
    14 November, 2019

    RT @jbendery: This massive video of Christine Blasey Ford's testimony is playing on repeat in front of Brett Kavanaugh's dinner guests as t…


Taylor Heussner

Taylor Heussner

Taylor Heussner has been writing for Westword since January 2018. She received her bachelor's degree in creative writing from Colorado State University and writes for myriad literary magazines. When she's not attending concerts, you can find Taylor searching for music, writing poetry or petting the neighborhood dogs.

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