Denver Synth Pop Band xOxford Debuts Dreamscape Song "Be Yours"

Rhema Srihartiti and Eric Lake of xOxford.
Rhema Srihartiti and Eric Lake of xOxford.
Andy Immerman
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Musician Rhema Srihartiti and DJ Eric Lake, who make music under the name xOxford, are releasing their new dream-pop single "Be Yours." 

The song is about a juvenile love relationship, the "moments when you want to be with someone but don't know why you want to be with them," explains Srihartiti.

"When you’re having a budding relationship, there are two forces pulling at you; they are excitement and elation, but you’re also a little bit apprehensive. That’s the energy we tried to bring to the instruments," adds Lake.

Srihartiti wrote the chorus to the song years ago. One afternoon, she played the main synth line on Lake's keyboard, and the two started writing together; from there, they laid down the rest of the instrumentation.

"I’ve been in this industry so long, but hadn’t put out anything that I’m actually confident about until this song," says Srihartiti.

Hear "Be Yours" for yourself:

Lake has worked as a DJ for over eleven years, while Srihartiti has also been involved in DJ groups in Denver. The two met while working at Bar Standard.

"I feel like coming from dance music, a lot of times we can take ourselves too seriously," says Lake. "xOxford is a really fun project. We take it seriously, but we don’t take ourselves seriously. Music can be super-powerful and super-political, but sometimes it’s important to just have fun and have songs to relate to and sing to."

The artists cite LCD Soundsytem, CHVRCHES and late-’80s pop as some of their influences. That's evident in "Be Yours," as dreamy synths and pop structure shine through.

Eric Lake and Rhema Srihartiti.EXPAND
Eric Lake and Rhema Srihartiti.
Andy Immerman

Not all of the duo's songs come as easily as "Be Yours" did, notes Lake.

"I catch a feeling really quickly, and I’m one of those people who can make a track and make so much progress, but coming back to it, it’s really hard," he adds. "Working with someone else makes you be more accountable. We’ve both worked on this. We can’t just throw it out the window."

Srihartiti says Lake has had a positive influence on her songwriting. "He pushes the boundaries of my comfort zone when it comes to writing, and tries to go outside of the regular pop structure."

"Be Yours" single release party, 8 p.m. May 31, Neon Baby, 1942 Market Street, free.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.