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Best Way to Publicly Embarrass Yourself and Still Have Fun

My Teenage Angst

Looking through your old journals can be fun, but reading from them while you're on stage in front of a room full of strangers somehow makes the experience incredibly awesome. From first-period nightmares to tales of selling kids fake LSD, the true stories keep spilling out during the monthly My Teenage Angst, each one more painfully true than the next. Host and organizer Megan Nyce sets the tone by kicking off each installment with a revealing chapter from her own teenage diaries, as well as notes from a middle-school sex-education book that serves as the perfect icebreaker. My Teenage Angst might be the most fun you'll have at a bar without having a drink. It's definitely more fun than being a teenager.

It's almost unheard of for a hip-hop club to consistently draw 1,000 people these days, but somehow, each and every Friday, the guys from Parlay Productions and 1600 Entertainment do just that. Whether it's the alluring sounds of DJs Ktone and Top Shelf that continually entice the masses, or the club's three-level setup, which is perfect for seeing and being seen, one thing is certain: Club Dreams owns the Friday-night hip-hop club scene.

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