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An hour-long digest of local news that's on at the right time for anyone who actually works for a living, KWGN's 7 p.m. newscast on Channel 2 provides the right mix of breaking local fare — fires! weather! sports! more fires! — with strong national pieces. In an information-flooded world, this local newscast helps keep Denver's head above water. 

Readers' Choice: Channel 9

Kathy Sabine has been on the air at Channel 9 since 1993, back when some of you couldn't get your boots on without help. And she's still the town's best bet for telling you which way the wind is blowing. While Sabine's perkiness may be a little annoying, she manages to sneak in those all-important forecast facts. Even when the management sticks her in that silly "9News backyard" outdoor set, she manages to keep a sunny disposition and outshine the competition.

Readers' Choice: Kathy Sabine

First elected to the Colorado House of Representatives from eastern Colorado Springs in 2000, Bill Cadman moved over to the Senate in 2007 when Ron May resigned. And after another resignation, that of Mike Kopp in 2011, he became the Senate Minority Leader. Although Cadman is a solid Republican, loyal to the core, he recognized that his new role called for leadership, not bickering and bomb-throwing. As a result, he's built a good relationship with Senate president Brandon Shaffer, elevated the overall level of discourse at the Capitol, and is now in a position to play a key role in the upcoming budgeting process.

Peoples' Choice: John Hickenlooper

When it comes to gas prices, what goes up is showing no signs of coming down. But Denverites can take heart in the fact that while filling your tank remains a wallet-popping proposition, gas is at least cheaper in this city than it is anywhere else in the country. For now.

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