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Grandma's House has long been one of the coolest, quirkiest, most creative craft-beer spaces in town, and it's stayed with that style by trying out a pay-what-you-can ordering system for its online to-go beer. "While we hope that our wonderful customers will do whatever you can to help us stay afloat for the foreseeable future, we would also love to provide a little relief to those with reduced financial means right now. In times like these, we all have to stick together more than ever. Denver has been there for us over the past five years, and we're here for Denver as well." Thanks, Grams.

As a longtime brewery yeast grower and supplier to the local craft-beer industry, Matthew Peetz doesn't like to watch things die. So the owner of Propagate Lab jumped into action after Colorado's breweries were closed for on-site drinking, calling and texting dozens of past and former clients to ask if they wanted to be part of his Colorado Craft Crowler Bingo card. The first 24 to respond are now on board. Print out the card from Propagate's Facebook page, buy a Crowler from every brewery and return it to Propagate: The first one to finish each round will get an item from each brewer, but every participant has already had winning beer.

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