Cannabis Against COVID Aims to Deliver Millions for Coronavirus Help

Cannabis Against COVID Aims to Deliver Millions for Coronavirus Help
Cannabis Against COVID

Get ready for Cannabis Against COVID, a groundbreaking campaign launching in Colorado with two goals: to change cannabis policy and, in the process, raise millions of dollars to support the fight against COVID-19.

How? Get cannabis delivery going in Colorado, and tack on a fee that would go directly to efforts combating the current coronavirus crisis.

Although last year the Colorado Legislature approved enabling legislation for delivery, it just applies to medical marijuana in 2020 — and then only in municipalities that have opted to allow delivery, which currently includes just two: Boulder and Superior.  And so far, only one store, the Native Roots Dandelion dispensary in Boulder, has gotten the approved license.

Under Colorado law, recreational delivery will not be allowed until 2021 — and again, then just in municipalities that have opted to allow it. Denver has yet to do so, and it's far from alone.

Cannabis Against COVID wants to change that. The group plans to petition the state to legalize home deliveries for recreational marijuana right now across Colorado, and add a temporary $20 surcharge to each delivery that would go directly to COVID relief agencies.

Here's the CAC math: Colorado averages 25,000 daily cannabis purchases, and a $20 fee on each delivery could raise up to $500,000 (or more) every single day. It could also help an industry whose sales are currently down 69 percent, the group estimates. In addition to raising funds for the fight, the Cannabis Against COVID campaign could also save jobs in an industry that employs over 44,000 in Colorado alone.
“Help is desperately needed on the front lines of the war against COVID-19," says CAC founder Dave Sheldon, a local concert promoter who co-founded EC Presents. “Legalizing cannabis delivery has incredible potential to combat this pandemic in a real and direct way, overnight. Think about the kind of support that this money could help provide for the front-line medical workers actually fighting this war.”

Ultimately, the group wants to take the campaign nationally, which could create millions of jobs, Sheldon suggests, and tens of millions of dollars to help fight COVID-19. While California already allows recreational delivery, the fees would be new...and could add up to major ammunition in the battle against the pandemic.

The campaign has partnered with cannabis software and consulting firm MJ Freeway to cultivate an online streaming festival, Cannabis Against COVID: Herb for the Cure. That virtual fest is designed to raise awareness not only for the Colorado initiative, but for similar efforts nationwide. Organizers are talking with potential performers, who would all participate virtually; the full lineup and more details will be announced on 4/20.

Watch for more information on the Cannabis Against COVID Facebook page and at
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