Ask a Stoner: Why Isn't CBD Oil Taking the Pain Away?

Dear Stoner: I have tried two different brands of CBD oil in heavy doses for my chronic lower back pain and joint dysfunction. I don’t feel any different after taking these for a month. Do you have any suggestions? I live in Tennessee, so it’s about all I can get.

Dear Kim: If you’re taking consistent heavy doses of CBD for that long and aren’t feeling any different, consider a few likely scenarios. One could be the CBD you’re taking: If it’s made from hemp, the quality and potency can differ heavily from what’s claimed. However, if you’ve tried two different companies and did your research on them beforehand, the chances of that are lower.
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CBD can be extracted from hemp and psychoactive cannabis.
Another could be the way your body reacts to CBD. Contrary to popular belief, CBD isn’t a cure-all, and it doesn’t work for everyone. Many medical patients require a mix of THC, CBN and terpenes such as myrcene along with CBD for a truly effective pain treatment. Living in Tennessee, that would be hard to acquire. Or maybe cannabis just isn’t the right pain relief for you. Don’t stop trying, but be ready to look elsewhere for pain management if needed.

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