Ask a Stoner: What Is the 'Entourage Effect?'

Ask a Stoner: What Is the 'Entourage Effect?'
Dear Stoner: What is the “entourage” concept? I heard it affects your high, but not much else.
Big Wiz

Dear Wiz: Entourage was a big hit for HBO in the early 2000s that didn’t translate well to the big screen. It’s also a term used for the way in which different combinations of compounds in the cannabis plant affect the brain and body. Humans react differently to smoking or ingesting pot based on their metabolism and the chemical makeup of their brains, but scientists now say that fluctuating levels of various cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBN and more) and terpenes in the plant can add to that diversity.

click to enlarge Every strain has a different mixture of cannabinoids and terpenes. - JAKE HOLSCHUH
Every strain has a different mixture of cannabinoids and terpenes.
Jake Holschuh
Mainly known for their influence on the way strains smell and taste, terpenes — not indica or sativa designations — could also be responsible for the way you react to THC and CBD. Medical marijuana advocates believe the entourage effect is key to gaining the most from the plant’s medical benefits, so keep that in mind when shopping.

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