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Cheba Hut Closes Boulder Location

Cheba Hut's Boulder location shut its doors after a fifteen-year run.
Cheba Hut's Boulder location shut its doors after a fifteen-year run. Flickr creative commons/Sean H,
Boulder residents craving a sandwich from Cheba Hut will have to start looking outside the city for a cannabis-themed sub. The restaurant chain's location at 1313 College Avenue shut its doors on November 23, after fifteen years of operation.

A sign on the Boulder spot's front door addressed to the “Cheba Hut Faithful" thanked customers for their support over the years. “Thank you for the last fifteen years,” the sign read. “The memories and support are truly humbling. Please visit our other locations, and hopefully we will see you again soon.”

In a statement emailed to Westword, Cheba Hut spokesperson Madeline Lena says the Boulder location outgrew the space, and the owners ultimately decided not to renew the building's lease. “We chose not to re-sign another five-year lease, because we’d outgrown the space, and it no longer fits our needs," Lena writes. "Especially since our new locations are some 35 percent larger. We love Boulder, and hope to be back at some point soon.”

Despite this closure, the chain is growing in other spots around the state; it recently opened new locations in Colorado Springs and Johnstown, and aims to expand more across the state and throughout the nation.

Still, that's right: There is now a Cheba Hut in Colorado Springs but not in Boulder.

According to Lena, Cheba Hut employees at the Boulder store were offered the chance to transfer to other Cheba Hut locations as part of the transition. And for any of Cheba Hut customers in Boulder who still want a twelve-inch "blunt" sub of White Widow, there's a location in Longmont that's about a thirty-minute drive away.

“We had a great fifteen-year run on the Hill in Boulder, and thank our Cheba Hut fans out there for the love," Leba concludes.

Founded by Scott Jennings in Arizona over twenty years ago, Cheba Hut opened its first Colorado location, in Fort Collins, in 2003. Even without the Boulder store, there are still thirteen locations in Colorado, the state with more Cheba Huts than any other state in the country.
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