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Reader: Vaping Problem? Quick, Throw Some Government at It!

Kenzie Bruce
In the wake of recent reports of lung illnesses connected to THC vaporization products, the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division is considering new regulations that could include the prohibition of certain vaping additives in the regulated marketplace.

On October 11, the Centers for Disease Control revealed that there have been 1,299 illnesses tied to vaping, and 26 deaths. All but one of the deaths and most of the hospital visits have been linked to THC vaping products obtained on the black market.

So why is legal marijuana being scrutinized? Says Michael: 
There’s a problem...quick, throw some government at it.
Comments Montra: 
Dumb af. Half a million people a year die from big tobacco corporations. Why are cigarettes, chew and snuff still available? Why is this not a news story? Fucking idiots.
Adds Colin: 
Meanwhile, in the past few months that people freaked out about the few dozen dead from vaping, there’s been about 8,000 gun deaths.
Responds Kristin:
 Don’t forget alcohol related’s just awesome that every time we figure out a way to screw ourselves, the government steps in and “saves us” with more laws and regulations
Notes Stella: 
Also, most of the studies done on this found the harmful substances in black market products not dispensary products.
Concludes Luci: 
Why isn't the whole sale being regulated? Literally, it just takes people caring to stop illegal distribution. That's why we made it legal! So we can weed out the bunk!
As of October 2, nine reported hospitalizations in Colorado have been linked to vaping, with some patients reporting THC use and others citing nicotine. But that's enough to push the MED to consider new regulations that could include the prohibition of certain vaping additives in the regulated marketplace.

New rules banning the production and sale of cannabis vape products containing polyethylene glycol (PEG), vitamin E acetate and medium chain triglycerides (MCT oil) were proposed by the MED on October 7. The proposed regulations also include additional labeling requirements for concentrates or products intended to be inhaled through a vaporizer or metered dose inhaler, according to MED rulemaking documents, mandating that vaping additives be listed on the label, which would also be required to include the statement “Not approved by the FDA.”

The MED will hear public discussion of the proposal on Tuesday, October 15.

In the meantime, you can continue the discussion here. What do you think of the proposed regulations? The ongoing discussion of vaping-related illnesses? Post a comment or email your thoughts to [email protected]
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