The OG Colorado Harvest at 1568 South Broadway.EXPAND
The OG Colorado Harvest at 1568 South Broadway.
Scott Lentz

Reader: Where Is the Competition in Colorado's Cannabis Industry?

A decade after dispensaries first appeared on the Colorado scene, they continue to morph — but a few of the original stores remain, as evidenced by our slide show on OG Dispensaries. But at the same time, homegrown chains are booming, including the Green Solution, which is about to turn its Silver Plume location into a marijuana outlet store. In response to that news, one reader writes: 

Hey, alcohol has Budweiser, weed can have Green Solution.

Adds Daniel: 

Where is the competition in the industry anymore? State laws have made such an absurdly huge barrier to entry which has further solidified chains and big business bullshit.

And then there's this from Nicholas:

 One day, we'll see a mom-and-pop origin story slapped on the back of the packaging by some future big cannabusiness: 'The Svetliff family has farmed these crops for six generations, and the original growhouse is still in operation...'."

What do you think about the changes in Colorado's dispensary scene?

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