Seventeen Denver Dispensaries Selling CBD-Only Concentrates

Even wax made up of 1 percent THC can be too much for some.
Even wax made up of 1 percent THC can be too much for some. Jacqueline Collins
Now that the barriers for hemp-CBD products are slowly being lifted, getting access to food, topicals, balms and oils infused with the cannabinoid are becoming easier than ever. The local and state restrictions around growing and processing hemp are much looser than they are for medical or recreational marijuana, giving rise to an entirely different sector of legal cannabis.

Extracting CBD into isolates and solvent-based concentrates provides more potent forms of relief from seizures, chronic pain and other afflictions brought on by broken bones, epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis and more. Some Colorado-based companies extract CBD concentrates from hemp and will deliver them right to your door, like Colorado Hemp Project, CBD and Co. and Infinite CBD. There are also vaporizer brands, like Veedverks, which sell hemp-CBD concentrates in pre-filled cartridges at head shops.

Still, most cannabis consumers looking for a pure-CBD experience end up going to their local dispensary first, whether it has what they're looking for or not. Most pot shops nowadays will at least have a handful of products made from CBD-heavy strains, but few have concentrates and isolates that are completely devoid of THC.

Below is a list of every Denver dispensary we could find that's currently selling at least one form of all-CBD concentrate:

Alternative Medicine on Capitol Hill
1301 Marion Street

Ballpark Holistic

2119 Larimer Street


80 South Pennsylvania Street
11450 Cherokee Street, Northglenn

Canna Botica
219 Vallejo Street

Colfax Pot Shop

1500 East Colfax Avenue

Denver Recreational Dispensary

2117 Larimer Street
2042 South Bannock Street

Diego Pellicer

2949 West Alameda Avenue

Good Chemistry
330 East Colfax Avenue
16840 East Iliff Avenue, Aurora

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