Because of the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act, only vaping would be allowed inside Denver Vape and Play.
Because of the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act, only vaping would be allowed inside Denver Vape and Play.
Brandon Marshall

Denver Vape and Play Wants to Become Denver's First Licensed Pot Lounge

Several local members of the cannabis industry caused a small stir when they announced their intent to open Denver's first businesses with a licensed cannabis consumption area. They weren't local celebrities or prominent businessmen, they didn't have a location picked out and they didn't have enough funding. So why the fuss?

They were the first people to talk openly about applying for a license.

Over ten months after Denver voters approved Initiative 300, which allows for businesses to open social-consumption areas, the city has yet to receive an application. Of course, much of the delay is because of the time it took the Social Consumption Advisory Committee to come up with rules that Denver officials then tweaked; interested parties now want to be sure their business will meet the city's qualifications, which some industry members worry are far too restrictive.

But Denver Easy Inc. thinks it can jump through all the hoops and open Denver Vape and Play, a vape bar and lounge for pot consumption. Westword talked with Denver Easy's Taylor Rosean in September, shortly after his team announced their plans. And now they want your help making those plans a reality.

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Denver Easy's brand-new crowdfunding campaign is looking for $100,000 to help secure a location, pay staff, build a vape bar and apply for an official Designated Consumption Area Permit. Since announcing its initial plans in September, Denver Easy has added two partners and a token-operated arcade to the Vape and Play concept, with plans to feature both classic and modern gaming.

The crowdfunding campaign starts at $4 donations for a "thank you" (Denver Easy tried for $4.20 donations, but Indiegogo only does whole dollar amounts) and larger donations will receive gifts. For $10, you'll get a limited edition "OG" version of the gaming tokens Vape and Play will use, while $15 gets entry on a scheduled day and $4,200 gets one of five invites to the soft opening. Whenever that may be.

Learn more about Easy Vape's efforts on its Indiegogo page.

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