Just in Time for 7/10, Evolab Releases Fruit-Flavored CO2 Cannabis Oil

Evolab's first round of fruit flavors include blueberry and peach.
Evolab's first round of fruit flavors include blueberry and peach. Courtesy of Evolab
Strains like Blueberry and Strawberry Cough have long been popular, thanks to their distinct flavors, so Evolab has unveiled a new line of hash oil geared to fruit fans – except these flavors are more strawberry and less cough. Just in time for the 7/10 holiday, the concentrate company has announced its Colors products, a line of CO2-extracted oils infused with naturally derived fruit flavors.

Already known for its FreshTerps concentrates, which infuse cannabis oil with strain-specific terpenes, Evolab's Colors products with their fruit flavors are geared more toward the occasional user. "We see this as an opportunity to better serve a different part of the market. For me, there's nothing better than the taste of OG Kush, but for people just entering cannabis, they're not looking for such strong flavors," says Evolab Communications Director Graham Sorkin. "It's a lot easier to get my grandma to puff on something that tastes like a peach than Hash Plant."

click to enlarge The cartridges and disposable vaporizers last around  eighty hits, according to Evolab. - COURTESY OF EVOLAB
The cartridges and disposable vaporizers last around eighty hits, according to Evolab.
Courtesy of Evolab
Senior citizens, parents and working professionals are all growing cannabis-consumer sectors, Sorkin explains. However, many new consumers aren't accustomed to the earthy, skunky flavors of popular cannabis strains or the process of dabbing, which can be a sticky proposition involving torches, electronic nails and other extremely hot tools. The new hash oils are packaged in 250-milligram disposable vaporizers and refillable cartridges for vaporizer batteries in order to create an easier consumption process, according to the company.

The Colors oils are available now in blueberry and peach flavors at dispensaries across the state. Sorkin says Evolab has plans to release pineapple and mango versions in the very near future, with other flavors expected to join down the line. The flavors are naturally derived from fruit extracts and terpenes, he says, and are free of residual solvents and other additives like propylene glycol.

"They should last about eighty puffs," Sorkin says. "We just wanted something more accessible for people new to cannabis or someone from out of town. FreshTerps is still our connoisseur product."
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