Ask a Stoner: Should I Eat Edibles or Smoke Pot Before a Plane Ride?

Dear Stoner: Should I eat edibles or smoke before getting on a plane? I don’t do much of either, but thought it’d help with the boredom.

Dear Lauren: Before you actually do either, make sure your tolerance and experience with cannabis are strong enough to handle being high while getting through security (it’s totally legal to be high at DIA but you can't possess any pot there, so people still get the willies) and then sitting on an airplane. For some people, cannabis only adds to anxiety, and edibles tend to peak mid-flight because of their digestion time, which can be good or bad depending on how big of a stoner you are.

If anxiety isn’t an issue, then it really depends on what kind of flyer you are. If you like to watch half of a movie and pass out, then smoke. The high will start declining shortly after lift-off, and it’ll make even the shittiest of airport sandwiches tolerable. Edibles are more for listening to music, chatting it up with the person next to you, or getting all the feels from an intense in-flight movie. Just be careful about dosing if you’re inexperienced, because nobody wants to realize they ate too many edibles when they’re 30,000 feet above the ground.

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