Finding Gluten-Free Weed Gummies

Robhots makes gluten-free gummies infused with distillate and rosin.
Robhots makes gluten-free gummies infused with distillate and rosin. Courtesy of Robhots
My girlfriend is gluten-free, which pretty much makes me gluten-free. While her intolerance for all things wheat and flour has devastated my experiences with bread, pasta and baked goods, my intake of weed gummies has remained unchanged.

While infused drinks are always a safe way to avoid gluten, it's hard to beat the convenience of popping a gummy and going about your day. Although plenty of traditional gummies, such as Haribo gummy bears, contain wheat extractions like dextrose, the cannabis world is much friendlier to gluten-free diets.

Here are sixteen gluten-free THC gummy makers:

Founded in southern Colorado, Robhots is now far removed from its days of robot gummy molds and butane hash oil infusions (hence the "bho" spelling), but the changes have largely been in the name of improvement. Robhots now offers gummies with liquid centers (think Gushers) as well as gummies infused with live rosin, a solventless extract. And all are gluten-free.

Coda Signature
Another Colorado-born brand, Coda Signature started in chocolates, but now offers all-natural, vegan and gluten-free fruit notes. The deluxe gummies come in a variety of cannabinoid combinations and flavors, including strawberry-rhubarb, lychee-cucumber and mango-chili-lime.

One of the country's largest infused names, Wana Brands has a variety of gummies geared toward sleep, fast absorption, daytime and a good old-fashioned high. All of Wana's gummies are gluten-free and vegan, according to the company.

Ripple was one of the first cannabis brands to sell THC distillate powder for easy food and drink infusions, and has since applied some of that technology to the gummy game. The gluten-free fruit chews have varying flavors and cannabinoid combos, with products geared to relaxation, energy and more.

Thanks to the success of its chocolate bars, it's easy to forget that Incredibles makes other infused products. But the company has a solid list of gummies, too — and both product lines are free of gluten, according to Incredibles.
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Dialed In gummies are made with rosin, a solventless cannabis extract.
Courtesy of Dialed In

Dialed In
Dialed In's rosin gummies were trendsetters in Colorado, jump-starting the rosin edibles movement while also showcasing the growers and extractors who helped make the popular gummies. On top of being the earliest to rosin gummies, Dialed In is also the easiest to find in that product category — and the gummies are gluten-free.

Dixie Elixirs
Dixie Elixirs' nine gummy offerings include "focused" and "sleepberry" options intended for specific effects, with a 1:1 CBD option and several straight-up THC varieties for those who want to get straight to the stone. They're made with distillate, and they're all gluten-free.

Made with distillate, Nfuzed's THC gummies are a solid, budget-friendly choice. Although most of Nfuzed's offerings are THC-only, there are 1:1 and high-CBD options, and all of them are gluten-free.

District Edibles
District Edibles has ten gummy flavors, all gluten-free. The brand's gummy-bear-like varieties such as watermelon and blue raspberry are a welcome dose of old-school as edible makers seek more modern flavor combinations.

Rebel Edibles
The five flavors of gluten-free gummies from Rebel Edibles are all delicious, but our favorites are pink lemonade and the sour packs. Can't decide? Get the variety pack with three different flavors.

Intended for microdosing and fast absorption, all five of Dōsd's flavors are gluten-free. The 2.5-milligram gummies are a safe choice for low tolerances or new users.
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Wyld'd nighttime gummies, infused with THC and CBN.
Courtesy of Wyld
This Oregon-based behemoth in the gummies game is one of the most widely available gluten-free options in Colorado dispensaries. All ten of its flavors are safe for gluten intolerances, and all ten are lip-smacking good. Wyld makes several options with CBD, CBN or CBG, with sour options, as well.

A relatively new solventless brand that specializes in dabbable and vape extracts, Äkta's rosin-infused gummies aren't the easiest to find on this list, but they're worth a try if you like a strong body high and terpene flavor.

Smokiez makes several fun infused products, including tinctures and a cannabis-infused agave syrup, but the company's most functional treats are the gummies, all of which are gluten-free.

Cheeba Chews
All right, so Cheeba Chews are technically taffy, but the brand makes quite a few fruit flavors, including rosin-infused varieties, and all of them are gluten-free. The brand's new line of rosin fruit gummies, MELTS, are gluten-free, also.

Green Hornet
The gummy branch of Cheeba Chews, Green Hornet is also gluten-free and is currently dabbling in rosin infusions, as well.
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