Good Chemistry Welcomes New Strain as It Prepares for a Big 2019

Geraldine is Good Chemistry's newest proprietary strain.
Geraldine is Good Chemistry's newest proprietary strain. Courtesy of Good Chemistry
click to enlarge Geraldine is Good Chemistry's newest proprietary strain. - COURTESY OF GOOD CHEMISTRY
Geraldine is Good Chemistry's newest proprietary strain.
Courtesy of Good Chemistry
As with most other industries, the legal cannabis business can be a lot like high school, with plenty of cliques, drama and rumors. Being friends with everyone is virtually impossible, and impressing them all is no easier.

But don't tell that to Good Chemistry.

The small-but-growing dispensary chain has three storefronts in Denver and Aurora and plans on adding more in Colorado, building on a reputation of providing affordable, stanky buds and concentrates without compromising on quality. While staying rooted in the values that helped sprout Good Chem's first dispensary on East Colfax Avenue, the team has also expanded its strain lineup, and recently debuted its first new strain in over two years. To learn more about Good Chemistry's latest addition and plans for the future, we caught up with Vice President of Operations Steve Spinosa.

I hear Good Chemistry recently debuted a new strain that your team bred in-house.

Steve Spinosa: Yes, we recently launched a new proprietary strain called “Geraldine.” It’s a mind-amplifying and body-relaxing mix of Purple Mayhem and our popular proprietary strain, “Ingrid.” It has purple hues and bright-orange hairs and a fruity, cheesy scent. Those who experienced its first harvest found that it can leave you feeling euphoric and social. It’s named after our founder and CEO’s mom, a really fun woman who can also leave people feeling euphoric and social :).

Just how much research, experimenting and time goes into breeding a new strain, let alone cultivating it on a commercial scale?

We only want to release a proprietary strain when it is truly going to be extraordinary. We want people to be blown away. Our last proprietary strain, Mr. Good Chem, was released in 2016, and is now one of our top sellers. The first limited harvest of Geraldine just came out a few weeks ago. We do not rush the process and only release what we think is truly exceptional.

Good Chemistry is pretty active in lawmaking and regulatory rule-making processes. Why is it important for dispensaries to participate in those conversations?

We see the cannabis industry as a partnership more than a competition. We all need to be working together to make sure that this ongoing pioneering industry is regulated in a smart and effective way. We believe a healthy regulatory environment is an overall win for our business and the industry as a whole, so we dedicate resources to help those processes.
click to enlarge Good Chemistry vice president of operations Steve Spinosa - COURTESY OF GOOD CHEMISTRY
Good Chemistry vice president of operations Steve Spinosa
Courtesy of Good Chemistry
Outside of Colorado, what other states is Good Chemistry active in? How does working in other states with different laws compare to Colorado's?

We’re primarily active in Nevada and Massachusetts, with various levels of business development in other states. States that have only recently approved medical or adult-use cannabis are often in the early stages of developing their regulatory infrastructure and practices, so we find ourselves in the position of sharing our experience in Colorado with the regulators and policy makers in other states as they work to create a successful market.

We’re also finding there is a huge focus on THC content, but less of an awareness about the entourage effect, and the combinations of all the cannabinoids and terpenes complementing each other to provide a more well-rounded sensation. It’s been almost three years since we launched the S.T.A.T.S. (Sight, Touch, Aroma, Taste and Sensation) rating system of evaluating high-quality cannabis, and we’re finding it a helpful tool in other states to help both new and experienced cannabis consumers sort out the myths from reality.

What kinds of products are customers paying more attention to now compared to one or two years ago?

While flower remains the most sought-after cannabis product, it is clear that there is an increased awareness and desire for concentrates and edible products. With that in mind, we’ve recently increased our production of Good Chemistry-processed concentrates like wax, shatter, live resin and other products processed with our most popular Good Chemistry flower strains, like Ingrid, Mr. Good Chem and others.

What's in store for Good Chemistry in the future?

We believe in our mantra “The Power Is in the Flower,” and we’re going to continue our focus on creating the finest cannabis in the world. We’re working to add more proprietary strains like Geraldine to our menu, and we’re working to expand our new line of concentrates processed with Good Chemistry flower. We’re also working to make our products available to more people in Denver, and in the other communities we serve in other states. Stay tuned...
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