Strain Gang Review: Ingrid from Good Chemistry

Last week, in honor of 4/20, Good Chemistry was offering 42 percent off any of its flower. The penny pincher in me simply couldn’t resist the lure of discount pot, so I stopped by the new Aurora location, at 16840 East Iliff Avenue, to see if Good Chemistry and good cannabis were one and the same.

After a long night traveling on Frontier Airlines, I’d forgotten my ID in my backpack and didn’t realize it was missing until I opened my wallet. So I had to return home, then double back to the store. By now it was 8 p.m. (Aurora stores can stay open later than Denver’s), and I was looking for something that could lull me to sleep after dinner. The budtender recommended the Ingrid — a heavy indica that she said was one of Good Chemistry’s flagship strains. At only $21.88 an eighth after the 4/20 discount, I decided it was worth a shot.

Popping open the bottle released a complex smell only a pothead would like: a little fruity, a little spicy and very cheesy. The nugs were dense, plump and trimmed to near-perfection (something many dispensaries neglect), with tan-orange hairs peppered throughout. Breaking them up left a kiefy residue on my fingers, which is always a good forecast for the joint ahead.

Considering my past luck with products from chain dispensaries, Ingrid was a welcome surprise. Spicy and fruity flavors really pushed through — reminiscent of some Strawberry Haze — and the strain packed a mean punch. It was even strong enough for me to overcome my anger at Frontier, and I can only imagine how stoned I looked falling asleep with a stupid grin on my face and the TV still on.

Don’t let Ingrid’s homely smell fool you. Burning this was like enjoying cheese and wine for dessert, and the knockout blow makes it an easy choice for insomnia or stress relief. With such strong and specific effects, my leftovers will be set aside for a rough day or when counting sheep just won’t cut it.

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