Green Dot Labs Live Resin Now Available to Retail Consumers

Green Dot's Gunslinger live resin.
Green Dot's Gunslinger live resin. Courtesy of Green Dot Labs
Green Dot Labs has become a respected name in cannabis concentrates since beginning operations in 2013; the Boulder extraction company is one of the few concentrate makers that breeds and grows its own strains. But while its products have been available in sixty dispensaries across the state catering to medical patients, recreational customers weren't able to buy concentrates from Green Dot's strain library — until now, that is.

Green Dot's Black Label Nectar wasn't sold on the retail side because state licensing regulations require that medical and recreational cultivations remain separate. Now that the company has a new recreational growing facility, however, the Black Label concentrates are available to anyone 21 and older.

Black Label is the company's line of live resin made from Green Dot's internal genetics library, comprising nearly eighty strains with names like Citradelic Sunset and Wookie Cookies. Live resin is a concentrate made from a solvent-based extraction process that uses cryogenically frozen plants right after harvest to preserve terpenes and cannabinoids, providing stronger flavor profiles and smoother hits.

click to enlarge Banana PiePaya live resin. - COURTESY OF GREEN DOT LABS
Banana PiePaya live resin.
Courtesy of Green Dot Labs
Co-founder and CEO Alana Malone believes the Black Label line is the brand's best; the company describes it as its "most reputable and coveted concentrate," thanks to Green Dot's genetics and potent resin profiles. "Medical patients in Colorado have enjoyed our extracts for years, and we're so excited for [recreational] consumers to finally have the chance to explore our legendary genetics and exquisite flavors that make Black Label Nectar Colorado's leading premium concentrate," Malone says.

Before October 12, recreational consumers could only buy Green Dot's White and Silver labels, concentrates extracted from plant material grown by partner dispensaries and wholesale growers. But last week, the Black Label became available in a handful of pot shops around the states. The line's full launch will take place on Thursday, October 26, with a limited number of special-edition grams coming with a baseball card that features "heavy hitters" from Green Dot's genetic library.

Until then, the handful of recreational dispensaries selling the Black Label line include A Cut Above in Denver, Doctor’s Orders in Pueblo, Green Dream in Boulder, Kind Love in Glendale and Breckenridge Organic Therapy in Breckenridge. At the end of the month, expect to see the new live resin in any retail shop carrying Green Dot Labs products, and even more stores will have it in on the shelf after Green Dot completes its new extraction facility in November.
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