Ask a Stoner: Infusing Cannabis Into a Daily Diet

Ask a Stoner: Infusing Cannabis Into a Daily Diet
Dear Stoner: I’ve recently come upon a lot of trim, and would like to make different kinds of cooking oils and eventually replace smoking with eating infused meals. Suggestions?
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Dear Eater: You’re swimming in risky waters until you figure out how to dose yourself. Making infused butter or cooking oils with trim (or any homegrown cannabis) is hard to measure unless you bought it from a dispensary with the THC or CBD testing results on it. If you did, weigh out your trim, then calculate your cannabinoid percentage based on 1,000 milligrams per gram. If it is homegrown or untested, then you’ll have to play guinea pig.

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Cooking with cannabis is both art and science.
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Upon calculating dosage, make several different types of fats for cooking (butter, vegetable oil and olive oil, depending on how much pot you have), then start thinking about ways to include them in your daily meals — scrambled eggs, salad, baked chicken and so on. There’s no limit to dishes that require butter or oil, so think beyond baked goods. Peanut butter (or anything with a lot of fat) is another easy infusion option for daily consumption. It’s a layer science added to the art of cooking, but once you figure it out, smoking will be in the rearview.

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