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Reader: All the Weed Dealers Back in the Day Must Have Set Standards Too High

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This week, our Stoner handled a question from a consumer concerned that budtenders weren't as tidy as they might be. Asked Colorado Karen: "Aren’t they getting trained in sanitary aspects?"

Herbert Fuego had plenty to say about that, and so did readers in their comments on the Westword Facebook post of that budtender question. Says Aaron:
Match that same energy when you guys come in maskless, coughing and sneezing into your hands before paying, giving us sweat-soaked and coke-covered bills, and demanding to touch/smell every product and reacting poorly when we tell you no. And also: Nobody is fucking touching your flower bare-handed.
Counters Ritchie:
Nothing is more annoying than dealing with a smelly @$$ hippie. We get it, you smoke, but what does that have to do with not wearing deodorant? Same goes for bartenders.
Adds Teri: 
Dispensaries are disgusting! And true, budtenders have no education to speak of and the only qualification is that they smoke a lot of weed. Don't trust the budtender. Don't trust these disgusting dispensaries.
Responds Brittney:
And assholes like this are the reasons budtenders get treated like shit.

Adds Irvin:
Y’all used to go to trailer parks to buy your weed, and it was always the last one on the road that had the taped-up windows. And you're complaining about an actual store?

Suggests Jesus:
All the weed dealers back in the day must’ve set the standard way too high, by wearing Cool Water cologne, I guess. Smoke your joint and relax already.

Concludes Michael:
If this type of thing bothers you, then you should meet the folks who grow it.
For the record, here's the Stoner's answer to that question:

"Dispensaries that want to achieve lower insurance fees or get lighter discipline from the state after minor violations are enrolled in the state Marijuana Enforcement Division’s Responsible Vendor Program. This program requires budtender training that includes sanitation practices, but the Responsible Vendor Program is only voluntary. Non-enrolled dispensaries can teach their employees sanitary practices, too, but I see why you’re doubting that.

"I’ve never seen bare hands touch flower at dispensaries, but I have seen the same gloves touch flower and money, and I often catch flower chopsticks in questionable containers between use. It’s not excusable, but we need to remember that most budtenders make barely more than minimum wage and aren’t chosen with aptitude tests."

Do you think budtenders need more training? Higher pay? What dispensaries do you recommend for their service? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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