Ten Marijuana Edibles for a Real Rocky Mountain High This Summer

Ten Marijuana Edibles for a Real Rocky Mountain High This Summer
Kate McKee Simmons
As spring heads into summer, there's nothing Coloradans love more than getting outside and exploring the great outdoors...sometimes with cannabis for a real Rocky Mountain high. It's illegal to smoke in federal parks, which is why edibles are an ideal item to pack. Whether you're heading to the mountains for the weekend or just hanging out in your back yard, here are ten of the best edibles to bite into this summer.

Blue Kudu
Blue Kudu's Alpine Glacier
Ready for a chill day by the pool? Cool off with Blue Kudu's mint dark chocolate bar.

Dixie Elixer Limited Edition Memorial Root Beer
As part of its Chill product line of cold beverages, Dixie is doing a limited-edition Memorial Day Root Beer that supports veterans. For every drink you purchase, fifty cents will be donated to the Veterans Sportsman Alliance, which helps injured and disabled veterans explore nature and embark on outdoor adventures.

Dr. J
Dr. J's Raspberry Star Barz
Dr. J's Star Barz are offered all year ’round, but their seasonal flavor sounds delightful. The white chocolate and raspberry would be great shaved on top of ice cream or any other summer dessert.

click to enlarge THE GREEN SOLUTION
The Green Solution
The Green Solution's NectarBee Icicle
The Green Solution produces its own line of edibles infused from its own flower. Everything is done in-house, and the NectarBee Icicle should be a real summer treat.

Incredibles Peach Dream
Using white chocolate, Incredibles adds peaches and cream to flavor this summery confection.

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Julie's Natural Edibles
Julie's Natural Edibles Granola
For one of the most unique products on this list, Julie's Natural offers infused granola made from gluten-free rolled oats, dried fruits, seeds and nuts. The mix is infused with strain-specific cannabutter and maple syrup.

Mountain High Suckers
Mountain High Suckers
Comedian Josh Blue says Mountain High's suckers help with his cerebral palsy, and he's partnered with the Colorado company to produce a new line of suckers called Josh Blue's Dream. Those will be available later this summer; in the meantime, Mountain High Suckers has a variety of flavors that are great for patients with other medical conditions, or just people looking for a good night's sleep.

click to enlarge REMEDY PLUS
Remedy Plus
Remedy Plus Watermelon Rings
Among plenty of other medical products, many of which contain more than 300 milligrams, Remedy Plus creates watermelon rings that just remind us of childhood. Only better.

TinctureBelle's Dark Sunshine
TinctureBelle's Dark Sunshine is a citrus-flavored chocolate made with dark chocolate and orange zest. It's dairy-free and perfect for those cool summer nights.

Wana Peach Sour Gummies
Based on its original Sour Gummies, Wana developed peach-flavored gummies that are ideal for a summer concert or as an afternoon snack in the park.
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Kate McKee Simmons interned at the National Catholic Reporter, was a reporter for the New York Post, and spent a brief stint in Israel learning international reporting before writing for Westword.