Marijuana Mold Recall Hits Five Colorado Dispensaries

The Chronic Boutique operates two dispensaries in Colorado Springs, but sells wholesale marijuana, as well.
The Chronic Boutique operates two dispensaries in Colorado Springs, but sells wholesale marijuana, as well. Google Maps screenshot
Marijuana sold at a handful of dispensaries across Colorado has been recalled over potentially harmful levels of mold, according to a health and safety notice from the state Marijuana Enforcement Division.

In a March 7 recall from the MED and state Department of Public Health and Environment, marijuana regulators flag four harvest batches from the Chronic Boutique, a dispensary and wholesale grower in Colorado Springs, for failing aspergillus, mold and yeast testing. The recalled marijuana was sold at five medical and recreational dispensaries from November 18, 2022, to February 21 of this year, according to the MED.

The marijuana had initially passed state laboratory testing after harvest, the recall notes, but MED officials received information that led them to retest harvest batches of Aoki Berry, Cherry Punch, LA Kush Cake and Waffle Cone strains, and all four strains had potentially dangerous mold levels. The LA Kush Cake failed aspergillus testing, while the other three strains failed total mold and yeast testing.

A common mold found indoors, outdoors and in marijuana samples, aspergillus can be inhaled through smoke and makes regular appearances in marijuana flower studies.

All medical marijuana produced by the Chronic Boutique (registered as Green Street LLC) has a cultivation license number on the packaging: 403-01933. Recreational marijuana from the Chronic Boutique bears a different number: 403R-01199.

Here are the five stores that carried the flagged marijuana:

The Chronic Boutique
325 East Pikes Peak Avenue, Colorado Springs

The Chronic Boutique
2727 Palmer Park Boulevard, Colorado Springs

Magnolia Road Cannabis Co.
1750 30th Street, Unit 84B, Boulder

Magnolia Road Cannabis Co.
1995 West Midway Boulevard, Broomfield

Platte Valley Dispensary
2301 17th Street, Unit B, Denver

Consumers who have the affected marijuana in their possession should destroy it or return it to the Regulated Marijuana Store from which it was purchased for proper disposal, according to the MED. If consumers experience adverse health effects from consuming the marijuana flower, they should "seek medical attention immediately and report the event to the Marijuana Enforcement Division by submitting a MED Reporting Form," the recall notice advises.
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