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Vegan Edibles: Four Great Websites for Pot-Infused Recipes

Living the vegan life requires discipline, commitment and an ability to resist temptation. Nothing goes into a vegan’s body without thoughtfulness – unless you're stoned. Yes, vegans get the munchies, too: If there’s one sleeve of dairy- and egg-free cookies left, you might as well eat them all, right?

But it can be hard to determine the exact composition of an edible, and that's a problem: Not only do vegans want to make sure there’s no animal product in anything they eat, but most embrace an overall philosophy of healthy consumption in all forms, and that means they want pesticide-free and organic edibles, too.

One solution? Make your own healthy edibles. After a little digging, we found four great sites stocked with cannabis-infused vegan recipes. So, vegan warriors, grab a fresh bowl of blueberries and read on.


Formerly the Stoner’s Cookbook, HERB has branched out into more cannabis culture as of late, but it's still one of the best sites to get started cooking with cannabis and making vegan edibles. You can choose from introductory cannabis tutorials and learn what "decarboxylation" means and why it’s important. The videos are ultra-helpful, with step-by-step directions, making the impossible seem totally possible. You won’t find more cannabis recipes anywhere else.

Try These First:
Wake + Bake

Wake + Bake is run by a home cannabis cook/health coach/yoga instructor who shares personal stories and healthy, tasty cannabis recipes. Corinne Tobias, who at one point was sixty pounds overweight with severe back issues, stopped living an unhealthy life in her late twenties, gave up alcohol and tried marijuana for the first time. That’s where she found her calling, and she’s been studying and cooking to help anyone who was like her ever since. Her recipes are the sweetest – literally.

Try These First:
The Fresh Toast

The Fresh Toast is a one-stop shop for everything you need to eat healthy and eat fun – and eat high, if you want to. Its cannabis section focuses on organic and vegan recipes that are good for hiking, a pre-yoga workout or a less-guilty TV binge.

Try These First:
Eat Your Cannabis

Eat Your Cannabis is blog with countless recipes that will blow you away before and after eating them. With a focus on all three meals of the day, snacks, sauces, drinks and special diets, Eat Your Cannabis will get you in the kitchen quicker than you can say "Eat your cannabis."

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