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3OH!3: My first Live with Regis and Kelly appearance went a little like this.

Live! with Regis and Kelly? Naw. We're good. Not that anybody's asking us, but if they were, we'd have to take a pass. That's just us, though. What do we know? Hell, it was probably pretty cool to meet someone who was actually around when dinosaurs roamed the earth (just joshing there, Reeg), and have him tell you you look just like Tom Brady (Sean Foreman) or that you're a dead ringer for Howard Stern, only not quite as tall and with less curls (Nat Motte). Anyhow, here's what you missed this morning on daytime television while you were chained to your desk daydreaming about the weekend: Here's 3OH!3 doing "My First Kiss" and "Don't Trust Me."

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