3OH!3's latest video "Touchin' on my" is a total smirk-fest

Here's how I imagine the conversation went down at the pre-production meeting for 3OH!3's latest video, "Touchin' On My": Okay, guys, let's get your pal DJ Skeet Skeet to wander down the street with a boombox, minding his own business. Then, Nat and Sean, you'll come speeding into frame in the smallest pizza delivery car we can possibly find, hitting Skeet and sending him flying into the air. You'll jump out and start sing-rapping about touching girls -- and we'll cut to a blurred image of some naked guy's junk.

The latest single from Streets of Gold, "Touchin' On My," follows a well-worn formula for 3OH!3: It's an EKG beat-styled sex jam that lyrically walks the thin line between jokey and raunchy. Though their music barely stands out among their pop-rap contemporaries -- er, Ke$ha -- the visual medium is where Nat and Sean translate best. Mostly, it's because you can see their handsome faces, and frankly, if they weren't so attractive, I don't know if I would buy it.

"Touchin' on My" is the premier 3OH!3 handsome-dude sales pitch -- sure, there are plenty of naked people in this video that aren't Nat and Sean, but that's not what I'm looking at. Even if the couple having sex on a copy machine's faces and genitalia weren't blurred out, I still wouldn't be looking at them. I would be looking at the trademarked smirks smeared across the duo's faces as Sean blurts out, "Ladies come and ladies go. Skip the tell and let's just show." The line is laughable, and 3OH!3 gets that. I think?

Frame by frame, the two smiles their way down the boardwalk and across the beach, past a porno set and through a nondescript office party, all while flailing their muscular hands at the camera and spitting lines about doing it with girls after shows and such. Eventually, they crash a fancy restaurant, where Sean shoots a stream of shaken champagne from a bottle before randomly handing a cartoonish bomb to Nat that, of course, explodes. It's charming.

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Not being fifteen years old myself, I have long wondered why I like 3OH!3 so much. But I think I've narrowed it down to two reasons: Nat and Sean are handsome, and, well, I really enjoy harmless sex jokes. Whether it's my attraction to the Colorado duo with perfect and white teeth or an appreciation for toilet humor and middle-school sexual innuendo, 3OH3's video for "Touchin' on My" is pretty cute. Adorable, even. So adorable that if it were 1993, I would say Nat and Sean could be in the running to be Sassy's next "Sassiest Boy(s) in America."

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